Gluten Free Pancakes

Holy smokes, these were delicious. Gluten free doesn’t have to suck.

Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes

Serves: Yields 10-12 4″ Pancakes

1 cup of gluten free all-purpose flour
1 Tablespoons flax
2 Tablespoons maple syrup (or sugar, honey)
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce
1 cup of milk (or preferred nondairy sub ...

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Some theories on depression and axiety

You’re starting to hear more and more about depression, anxiety, and suicide in the media these days. But what is actually causing the growth of mental health issues in youth? Or was it always there just unreported or unrecognized?

As a person who has suffered from depression and anxiety, I can relate first hand to some of the pressures and thoughts that trigger the condition...

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Save 4% on energy, put a sweater on

Drop your thermostat by 2 degrees and save 4% on your energy. That is 500lbs of Co2 that is NOT going into the atmosphere every year.

And since it’s a wee bit cooler in the house, put a sweater on :) Great energy savings!

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Uplifting video of a father and son

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Simple tips for saving the world

Thanks to David De Rothschild, you too can help save the world one step at a time. Respecting the copywrite, Ill paraphrase to the basic tips. One tip, one benefit.

TIP: Replace a Lightbulb
BENEFIT: Save 500lbs of coal burned when you change your bulb out to a CFL bulb.

EXTRA MILE: Unplug the TV, lamps and unused electrical appliances to save an extra 10% off our electricity bill...

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Irrigation Fail!

Formerly one of the four largest lakes in the world with an area of 68,000 km2 (26,300 sq mi), the Aral Sea has been steadily shrinking since the 1960s after the rivers that fed it were diverted by Soviet irrigation projects.

Aral Sea – 1960 and 2007

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You are what you eat!

We have all heard that saying before. And its not the junk we know about that we are eating its everything behind it we don’t know about. So what are we eating? That is the question you should ask yourself every time you go and buy food. No exceptions.

Care about yourself, care about others, care about the world. We are not independent or unique as we were all made to believe...

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DIY Headboard – Wood Pine

DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard of Pine

I saw some videos and really couldn’t pick which one to do. But when I thought about effort and pricing, it came to this.  Easy and cheap way to decorate your bedroom.

Pine headboard with shelf.

Supplies and sizes for Queen Bed:

Queen size bed is 60″ width, I made my headboard 66″. 3″ extra width on each side of the bed for style (see past the bulky blankets)

HOWEVER: most standard project pine wood planks are 60″ so this could save you a f...

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Importance of Community

This weekend, I set off on an adventure to visit a friend living on a commune, or a community interest farm. Together, with local mutual interested friends, they generate, restore and replenish the farm and provide sustainable options of produce without the use of pesticides.

Most people would find their type of living “below standard” but what I saw that they had that no one else had was a sense of community, mutual cooperation and respect not only for each othe...

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Food from scraps

Recently a friend sent me a post of how to grow your own food from scraps. So I decided to give it a go. I was shocked how fast life started to happen just from a few days of sitting in water.

Great foods to buy and regrow at home in just some water to create cheap food:

Parsley roots – cut about 1 inch below the stemBok Choy – cut 2 inches above the base
Garlic – Allow to sprout on its own or place in water and sunlight when roots appear you can plant in soil.

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