Tips for changing a tire

Today was my first time taking my own winter tires off and replacing them with my all seasons.  Tips for changing a tire:

1) Loosen the bolts on the tire before jacking the car up. (consult your owners manual for tool locations, tire location and more information)

Reason: If the bolts are really tight you may need to stand or kick the tool to help loosen them, this could knock your car off the jack and potentially cause a roll back or damage to your car.

Tools f...

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Harvest Stills

First harvest from the Legends Community Garden. I had some interesting results with the carrots. They were an excellent subject for the camera. Can’t wait to see what else turns out this season! I look forward to taking some more harvest stills.


onion IMG_8213 IMG_8197 IMG_8195

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Cute Kitten Photos

Digging into the archives of cute little Sasha photos. Once upon a time this kitty was quite affectionate. From kitten to cat, she has grown up a lot and since moved from the city to the country. This cute kitten is still adorable, but would rather watch squirrels and chase ants than hid in small cracks of the couch and sleep on my arm.

sdfIMG_2533 IMG_2544 IMG_2511         IMG_2837  IMG_2764

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Art – Oil Painting – Firstoftwo



Original Oil painting Art from firstoftwo

IMG_2428 IMG_2430 IMG_2425 IMG_2426 IMG_2424 IMG_2423 IMG_2420

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Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a subject that has always interested me, however, it was all about timing. After going to a solstice event last week and receiving a 10 min psychic reading, I was set on finding out more about my past.

It started by watching a video about crystals that lead me to a local store. In turn, I started talking to the Reiki specialist there about 3rd level Reiki that lead me to Domino.

Her passion and dedication on the subject sold me on...

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Gluten Free Pancakes

Holy smokes, these were delicious. Gluten free doesn’t have to suck.

Gluten Free Pancakes (Vegan)

Serves: Yields 10-12 4″ Pancakes

1 cup of gluten free all-purpose flour
1 Tablespoons flax
2 Tablespoons maple syrup (or sugar, honey)
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce
1 cup of milk (or preferred nondairy sub – we use rice milk)


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Some theories on depression and anxiety

You’re starting to hear more and more about depression, anxiety, and suicide in the media these days. But what is actually causing the growth of mental health issues in youth? Or was it always there just unreported or unrecognized?

As a person who has suffered from depression and anxiety, I can relate first hand to some of the pressures and thoughts that trigger the condition. The more I discuss it with others, the more similarities tend to surface.

Some phrases ...

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Simple energy savings

Drop your thermostat by 2 degrees and save 4% on your energy. That is 500lbs of Co2 that is NOT going into the atmosphere every year.

And since it’s a wee bit cooler in the house, put a sweater on :) Great energy savings!

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Uplifting video of a father and son

Uplifting video of a father and his son. If this doesn’t get you, I am not sure what will.

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Simple tips for saving the world

Thanks to David De Rothschild, you too can help save the world one step at a time. Respecting the copy write, I’ll paraphrase to the basic tips. One tip, one benefit.

TIP: Replace a Light bulb
BENEFIT: Save 500lbs of coal burned when you change your bulb out to a CFL bulb.

EXTRA MILE: Unplug the TV, lamps and unused electrical appliances to save an extra 10% off our electricity bill...

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